Working with leading institutions to create industry-relevant qualifications for the entire health care workforce.

Healthcare needs a great, diverse and flourishing workforce and Dignity Health Global Education is a driver by which this workforce can be built. By utilizing world-class online education, careers can be enhanced, workforces can be improved and positive economic and social impacts can be felt.

Our programs meet the complete requirements of workforce development in the US across multiple health care verticals – this includes nursing, IT, analytics, leadership, ethics and entrepreneurship. While DHGE recognizes the importance of clinical areas within healthcare, it also recognizes that administrative, technical and managerial functions require as much education and ongoing development to best serve the sector.

DHGE can unlock the full potential of all health care staff through our professional development and higher education courses, which have been created in partnership with some of the best universities in the world. Our comprehensive, industry-relevant programs are specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency and provide the highest quality of patient care.

DHGE will highlight, promote and celebrate:

  • The sector and its importance to society today and into the future;

  • The success of staff and students alike;

  • Education excellence and its lasting and positive impact;

  • Academic institutions, DHGE partners and their academic achievement and impact;

  • The positive outcomes of education, learning and training to career goals and aspirations;

  • The positive outcomes of education for patients and primary users;

  • Pride in achievement, learning and advancement;

  • Equality;

  • Accessibility;

  • Communities, be it students, employees or society at large;

  • Advancement to people, careers and communities.