Amanda Powell

Amanda Powell, an aspiring physician from Fremont, California plans to use the scholarship towards her college education

Combining missions of providing exceptional educational opportunities for the future healthcare workforce and inspiring and providing opportunities for the next generation to reach their highest potential, Dignity Health Global Education and Goodwall collaborated to create the #DHGEAward. This award provides a $1,000 educational supply scholarship for outstanding students who are currently pursuing or planning on seeking a career in a healthcare-related field.

The most recent winner is Goodwaller Amanda Powell, who is interning at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in California. Her inspirational journey stood out.

Amanda’s internship involves shadowing doctors and other healthcare professionals. “I love medicine. It’s something I’ve always grown up with and I’ve always been drawn to science,” Amanda said. “But I love seeing how medicine is approached. It’s all about looking after people, patient care, and helping however you can.”

Amanda’s passion for science and the desire to impact those around her in a positive way is what led her to the #DHGEAward. To qualify, Goodwall users had to post an achievement on their profile highlighting how they’ve gotten involved in a health-related project or how they’ve made a contribution to help the well-being of their community.

With the ever-growing healthcare sector and a persistent shortage of available talent, Goodwall and DHGE turned towards the youth that can help build a sustainable pipeline of healthcare talent. The creation of the resulting award allowed DHGE to tap into the community of 16 to 25-year-olds and generate nearly 200 participants across 83 schools in the United States within the first month of launching. 

Because of the #DHGEAward, Amanda's hands-on experience is paying off both practically and financially. She plans on using the $1,000 prize money to help cover the eventual monumental costs of medical school, a barrier that many young students face.

Following the success of the first award within the Goodwall community, a new award is planned to launch — this time with a different participation method, providing members with a fresh way to learn about and engage with the healthcare industry. 

“Educating and empowering the future generation of healthcare professionals is the purpose behind our partnership with Goodwall, and our scholarships are one critical component of this,” said DHGE’s Marketing Director, Felicity Dale. Amanda’s scholarship submission (as well as those of other applicants) was overwhelmingly impressive. “The entries we received were inspiring. They were passionate, creative, and thought-provoking,” she continued. “Amanda’s entry highlights the importance of education in her decision to work in the medical field in the future.”

Motivated young students like Amanda are why DHGE and Goodwall strive to make education, especially in STEM, more accessible to match the growing need for quality healthcare professionals in the workforce. In order to achieve this goal, these two companies are encouraging more students with diverse backgrounds to pursue healthcare degrees, creating scholarship programs (like this one), and providing ongoing support, mentorship, and inspiration to young students and professionals.

For more Goodwall awards and scholarships, download the app at https://goodwall.app.link/DHGE.