Healthcare models are being disrupted by a combination of regulatory and technology shifts, and organizations are finding that nurse leadership positions are becoming more critical and difficult to fill. For these important leadership positions, the task is to not only to keep pace as an individual, but to guide and bring others along as well.

In response to these challenges, Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE) in collaboration with Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) has launched a program designed for current and aspiring nurse leaders wishing to make an impact in their organization.   It’s the first nurse leadership program of its kind made with industry, for industry underpinned by academic excellence. 

The Certificate in Nurse Leadership course includes a unique combination of evidence-based content, practical tools, insightful examples and structured application to move the learner from insight to action. This, coupled with the interactivity and collaboration with other nurses and skilled facilitators, creates a rich experience and provides nurse leaders with the mind-set, skills and confidence to lead in a manner that is authentic to who they are.

Based on research from Duke CE and practical experience and insight from DHGE, the course takes a comprehensive approach to leadership, covering Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Change and Leading the Organization.

The following are testimonials from nurses who have taken the course thus far:

“The content was relatable, logical in progression, and easy to comprehend and apply. I appreciated how the broad themes were broken down into tips that are easy to apply in everyday practice.”

"My favorite part of the class was the finance module. The task asked for an interview with a senior executive. The interview was a great way to get to know my CNEO and it identified our weak spots as nurses with the finance aspect of hospital management. This led to a meeting with the CFO, which was eye opening for both of us. The CFO has now set up Finance 101 meetings with all department heads and NSMs. We also identified major flaws in our budget which will be addressed in the next fiscal year."

"I am taking every bit of the information I have learned and using it daily. These modules really drive home the ‘why’ behind a lot of things I see from the leadership angle. I have found providing the ‘why’ to my staff has really improved the collaboration and commitment to change. A small but simple change."         

"In our view, the demand for outstanding leadership in healthcare has never been greater," said Michael Chavez, Duke CE CEO. "We are proud of this collaborative partnership with Dignity Health Global Education and excited at the opportunity to help a new generation of healthcare leaders get ready for what's next." 

Added Andrew Malley, CEO of Dignity Health Global Education: “We are excited to pair Duke CE with Dignity Health Global Education to bring professional health care training and development to the next level. Through our partnership, we can offer the health care sector a quality education previously unseen. "

This innovative and accredited nurse leadership course is priced at less than $2,000 and upon completion participants receive a certificate and 64 Continuing Education Credits from Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare, AKH inc.

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