Our teaching and learning approach

Access to higher education is a vital component of a health system’s strategy. However, outcomes and quality are often variables alongside ever-increasing price points. DHGE understands the challenges health systems face, and our portfolio represents a significant step forward for the health sector education as we have combined great value, great outcomes and consistent high quality.

We have kept the focus of our programs on collaborations between education and the industry, which is essential to ensure that our offering is practical, relevant and efficient. 

Our Content 

  • Dynamic Videos: our delivery includes engaging visual content, which utilizes HD-quality studio production and animated infographics to highlight the key theories for each individual unit. This is a highly effective medium of communication to students, especially visual learners. These are the building blocks of our videos:

    • Script – all original video content is written by industry experts who condense a wealth of information into a concise learning segment.

    • Recording – our in-house film studios are fully equipped with state-of-the-art video production facilities, resulting in content that exudes academic rigor and a highly professional online presentation. We use a roster of professional presenters with past experience at leading broadcasting networks.

    • Infographics – our videos combine the presenter’s delivery with visually engaging infographics designed by content creators. This helps visually explain the theoretical framework of each topic.

  • Ebooks and flashcards: these resources complement the videos by highlighting key points and providing a transcript of the video. The flashcards are very effective for revision and are also a key medium of retention for learners who absorb information more effectively through reading.

  • Audio extracts: for auditory learners and those ‘on the move,’ we provide audio extracts in the form of a comprehensive library of podcasts.

  • Interactive apps: our apps allow users to further engage with the content.