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Price: $1,995
Duration: 16 weeks
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July 15th, October 14th, January 6th, April 6th
Location: Online
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The Nurse Leadership program, developed in partnership with Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE, part of Duke University), equips nurse leaders to make an impact on their organization.

This course teaches and empowers nurses to evaluate themselves, lead others and make dynamic and thoughtful decisions based on an acquired skill set developed by world leading instructors. Through the program, nurse leaders build their confidence, knowledge and practical skills as they guide their teams, departments and organizations into the future.

Program Outline

This program focuses on all leadership functions and is split into four pillars:

Leading Self

For nurse leaders, the task is now to not only keep pace as an individual, but to guide and bring others along as well. It may seem counter-intuitive but the best place to begin being more effective in leading others is to start with self-awareness and insight.

Leading Others

Acquire nurse leadership skills that elevate the performance of others including: forming and engaging teams by setting clear goals and priorities, establishing a foundation of trust and creating psychological safety. 

Leading Organization

Nurse leadership requires a deeper understanding of how healthcare organizations function in areas ranging from strategic and financial management to organizational structure and regulatory compliance.

Leading Change

Nurse leaders are facing an evolving healthcare environment. It is now necessary to understand and lead through these disruptions in order to ignite, invite and inspire change in individuals, teams and organizations.

Further your nursing career

just four to six hours effort per week for 16 weeks
of our pilot group said they would recommend this program to other nurse leaders
allowing nurses to meet their ongoing Continuing Education (CE) requirements