The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reported in 2013 that the US spends twice as much per capita than most other countries on healthcare, but doesn’t get better outcomes. As a result, American health care is going through a much-needed change to optimize budgets and operations.

For Health Systems

All health care professionals, clinical and non-clinical, need to be prepared for these changes. Another growing challenge faced by health systems is the persistent shortage of skilled workers. This includes nurses as well as allied health professionals, such as radiographers, IT specialists, occupational therapists, paramedics and healthcare scientists. There is also a vast shortage of education choices covering the wide spectrum of needs of the sector which is where we come in.

Investing in education ensures that staff are appropriately trained, which is a necessity for your organization to succeed in today’s evolving healthcare environment. Educational programs need to support efforts to increase the talent pool of skilled professionals across all verticals, not only for the current workforce but also for the workforce of the future.

Programs need to be seamless, flexible and integrated in the development of staff.  Dignity Health Global Education provides a complete education solution for health systems.

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For Institutions

There is a revolutionary change underway in the world of education. Technology is reshaping how and what we learn, allowing us to take up options that help mould and shape our career paths and skills base of our workforce. Both employees and employers are now empowered to improve themselves and their organizations by embracing the changing face of work and skills-based learning. By utilizing world-class online education, careers can be enhanced, workforces can be improved and positive economic and social impacts can be felt. nowhere is this truer than in the field of health care and by creating collaboration between industry leaders and experts alongside world-class academics, DHGE is seeking educational institutions to deliver online education for the health care sector, designed with industry, for industry.

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