The persistent shortage of skilled health care workers is well documented. This includes but is not limited to shortages of nurses, allied health professionals such as radiographers, IT specialists and occupational therapists, paramedics, and healthcare scientists. In parallel, there is also a shortage of education choices which cover the wide spectrum of needs of the health and care sector which are dynamic, engaging and underpinned by academic excellence.

Why work with Dignity Health Global Education?

DHGE provides a unique solution for the education of the health and care sector through designing, creating and delivering professional development and higher education courses made by industry, for industry in partnership with some of the best universities in the world.

  • Comprehensive Solution: DHGE provides a complete education solution covering all verticals of the healthcare workforce; bespoke programs can be created for you to fulfill your training needs.

  • Financial Solution: as our programs are developed with health systems, we understand the need for great value whilst maintaining fantastic quality. DHGE can provide education solutions at a low cost to suit health systems' needs.

  • Talent Solution: we also engage with students and young professionals to educate them about their career options within healthcare, thus creating a solid talent pipeline between the young workforce and the industry.

  • Operations Solution: DHGE is fully committed to supporting your organization’s mission. For example, our counselors help staff members choose the program of study that best suits their needs.

  • Efficiency Solution: with DHGE, employers and health systems can access the development of their workforce, which enables them to make real-time decisions, monitor progress and observe the quality of delivery.

All of the above represents a significant step forward for health sector education. Great value, great outcomes and consistency of quality. In addition, education collaboration can ensure health education is also in the hands of industry experts and built to meet the demands and needs of the sector.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can work with your health system to improve outcomes across all areas.